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This will probably seem like an easy concept for some of you and I could surely do it, but I'd like to see a more reasonable approach than what I'd do in this situation.

I have a word that I need to remove characters from. These characters come directly from an array @list. The thing is, IF a character from the array exists in the word, it should be removed from both the word and the array as to not be removed again.

My first thought was breaking apart the word into an array of characters and foreach()'ing over them. I'd then use another foreach() over @list for comparing.

This doesn't seem like a clean approach because I'd have to continually rebuild the @list each time a match is found and character is removed.

I could keep the orginal word as a string and apply s/// for found matches. I feel this might be a slightly better approach.

Can anyone show me what they would do in a situation like this?