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Re: Help recovering some source code from activestate perlapp 5.3.0

by jjn1056 (Novice)
on Jan 19, 2006 at 14:27 UTC ( [id://524235] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Help recovering some source code from activestate perlapp 5.3.0

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Let me add some details. I appreciate that you might be careful to make suggestions to me since I could just be trying to steal someone else's code. I'm not sure how to prove that I am the author of the code, but I can provide details about what would be inside the code should someone know how to help me. I could blindly send the executable so someone with this knowledge if they could help me. I do have a real license for the tool and I did contact support but haven't heard back yet. Past activestate posts about this have not been answered, so I am not hopeful. Usually I have better backups, but I was working on this code on the road and didn't have access to my regular subversion database. Plus it was not a huge project, about 10 hours of time that I grabbed between flights. The disk that was stolen was my backup. I actually damaged my computer notebook and had to install a new hard drive AND had the bag with my backup stolen. Anyway I feel pretty stupid about it since usually I am great for carefully backing up stuff. Anyway, I am looking at this is PE Explorer a bit now that I understand how to use it better. Hopefully someone out there can give me the hint I need to save myself the effort of rewritting it.