I was pondering the fact that numerous... what shall we call our anniversaries here, MonkDays?... are coming up, mine included. So I started poking around, and I came upon Cmdr Taco's home node; seems he has been a user since Tuesday October 26th, and was last here Tuesday, November 2nd - which was 63 weeks ago.

You doubtless see what I'm getting at. We're fast reaching the point where, the year isn't appended to items greater than a year in age, there's potential for confusion. I therefore, if there be no argument to the contrary, submit my petition to Saint Vroom: prithee let us, as you find time, join in the great monastic tradition of counting the years.

Don't make me come out there and nail it to your door! ;-)

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Re: Reeling In The Years
by Blue (Hermit) on Jan 17, 2001 at 03:10 UTC
    I can see it now:

    "January 16th, in the year 2001 of our lord Larry, third Tuesday in human-readable format"

    (Tip of the hat to the old formal catholic things that always put things in the "in-the-year-of-our-lord, third-Sunday-in eccenumical(?)-times" sort of way.)

    Of course, since Date::Manip has so much overhead, we could just put it in epoch time and leave conversion to the readers. 8) Actually, epoch time in an XML tag might be useful.

    =Blue might be eaten by a grue...

Re: Reeling In The Years
by footpad (Abbot) on Jan 17, 2001 at 03:10 UTC
    First off, you're a few theses short.

    Secondly, I doubt anyone would mistake you for Martin Luther. ;-P


    P.S. Excellent idea, btw...
      First off, you're a few theses short.

      Right! Thesis number Two: No Python!

      Thesis number Three: No Monk is to maltreat damian1301 in any way... if there's anybody watching.

      Thesis number Four: No Python!

      Thesis Five, now this year, I don't want to catch anybody not drinking.

      Thesis Six: there is NO Thesis Six

      Thesis Seven: No Python!

      Thesis Eight, don't go and mention a whole bunch of Monks in your posts, like chipmunk or brainpan or boo_radley or alakaboo, just because you think it'll get them to vote for you. Or like tilly or ybiC or lemming or Falkkin. None of that.

      Thesis Nine: No Python!

      Thesis Ten: All posts must contain serious Perl content.

      Thesis Eleven: Um... use strict.

      Thesis Twelve: No Python!

      Thesis Thirteen: for (14..95){print "Thesis $_: No Python!<p>\n";}

      Secondly, I doubt anyone would mistake you for Martin Luther.

      That is, in fact, true; people usually say a young Harrison Ford. The only reason people here sometimes mistake me for a famous intellectual like Martin Luther is that they only know me through my writing. ;-)

      P.S. Thank you.

      Update: Okay, fine. The resemblance to Leon Trotsky is somewhat more pronounced. Thank you AgentM.