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OK... I confess... I'm lazy...

Given I have a module defined such that:

package BigThing; sub new { shift; my $self={ field1 => 0, field2 => "", field3 => 0x0 }; bless $self,"BigThing"; return $self; } | | Other methods | 1;
and in my module I want to provide a method such that calling:
| | hand waving here... | my $thing = new BigThing(); $thing->field1(10); printf "%s\n",$thing->field2;
but in my real module I have a lot of fields to create accessors for. Being that I'm lazy I don't want to have to write every single accessor method myself.

Did I dream this or did I see something somewhere where there was a trick or a CPAN module I could use that would invoke some sort of magic to make it appear that I wrote all those accessors and have the code behave as such by writing ONE sub that acts like them all?

Anybody know of such a thing?

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