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Control of Problem Members

by belize (Deacon)
on Jan 16, 2001 at 19:37 UTC ( #52252=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The thread trolling brings to a head a very important question to me. I have managed numerous BBS and forums online, and invariably a few people begin to disrupt the board.

Control of these disruptors is not easy:

1. remove their account - they resign under another account
2. try to censor them, they get more agitated and post more
3. use IP# to bar them, most have a range of IP#, which means potentially locking out others.
4. warn others about there behavoir and ask not to reply to them - new people always reply and others do not have enough control to not reply.
5. Invariable, a certain percentage will cry "censorship" and all that that intitles.

My question, how does PM manage the problem-maker. I could sign in under a new name and test myself, but think this is a better way to test it.

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Re: Control of Problem Members
by little (Curate) on Jan 16, 2001 at 20:31 UTC
    I'd support the idea to limit Anonymous Monk to only post in Seekers of Perl Wisdom. As all questions have to be checked by higher ranked perlmonks we should not check these kind o questions as bein "ok".
    All further action against looks to me as a bit too much of havin a "BigBrother".

    Have a nice day
    All decision is left to your taste

      I think this might be a good solution. I would take it slightly further.

      Only allow Anon posts on the root node of SoPW & to replies of that node. So you could have:
      root node by anon,
      then a reply by a named monk that asks for clarification or such
      Then there can be an anon reply to that.
      This would allow anon monks to ask questions, but if they troll, just don't reply and in most cases it can be deleted if warranted. (yech grammar)

      That would stop posts like: [no such node, ID 52589]
Re: Control of Problem Members
by KM (Priest) on Jan 16, 2001 at 20:31 UTC
    Use /ignore in the CB.. and don't read the persons messages. I may not like what some people say, but by making sure they can say it, it ensures I can also say what I wish (free speech, etc...). I suggest people use the tools provided and common sense to ignore trolls.


Re: Control of Problem Members
by footpad (Abbot) on Jan 16, 2001 at 21:39 UTC

    First off, the node you mentioned was posted anonymously, so there's little we can do to "control" the person in question, unless someone happens to discover who posted it.

    In my experience, trolling is an episodic and periodic behavior. There have been a few determined, um, er, activists, but it seems they've mostly wandered off or taken friendly advice to heart. (And, just about everyone has had a bad day once or twice.)

    In the most extreme cases, we need to trust the existing infrastructure.

    The most offensive or off-topic messages can be, um, archived. And, if we (as members) find something particularly offensive, we can ask that it be reviewed for further action.

    Also, the Reputation system is a powerful motivator for most folks.

    In my experience, the Monestary benefits from a little agitation. When that gets out of hand, it gets responded to quickly and appropriately.

    Have faith. Vroom and the senior members have the situation well in hand.


    P.S. I like little's idea. fwiw.

      Which brings up the question- should vroom be the only one able to delete nodes? Perhaps a system where five (or some arbitrary number of) higher-level monk special "delete" votes strikes a node may be effective.
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Re: Control of Problem Members
by BigGuy (Friar) on Jan 16, 2001 at 20:33 UTC
    I can't promise that this is going to make alot of sense.=)
    Trolling is a problem yes but it is not like the plague in my mind, something that must be eradicated for the sake of mankind it is more like the common cold that must just run its course and will be gone before you know it. I think the current system could be improved a little (i hate to say this) to be more like Slashdot where you can set your standard for viewing posts (correct me if i am wrong here) only at a certain level. If somebody is trolling they will get voted down and no one will see their posts after the first few votes. There could also be an addition to the monk manual telling monks that they will be voted down accordinly if they reply to trolls. Just my $0.02

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      Frankly, I'm not sure that would be an improvement. It strikes me that that is a method/treatment of the symptoms, but does not cure the actual problem that we would need it for.

      The inclusion of that feature in slashdot, allows the reader to seperate the stupidity/immaturity from the people who have a clue about something (whether or not that clue is simply advocacy for linux or OSS).

      But I feel that the inclusion of the feature is an admittal that there is a big problem with many of the posters, and that the majority of the `content' is mindless trash. If we include this feature then if anything we are probably likely to see a rise in the number of trolls, since people won't do anything about them. Simply because people won't be viewing them, however, does not remove their taint.

      If we reach the stage that we cannot continue without that feature, we reach the point that we may as well not really continue at all (I think I recall several high level monks saying they would probably just leave).

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