Current Perl documentation can be found at

Here is our local, out-dated (pre-5.6) version:

Have you looked at CPAN (see the perlfaq2 manpage)? The chances are that someone has already written a module that can solve your problem. Have you read the appropriate man pages? Here's a brief index:

        Basics          perldata, perlman:perlvar, perlman:perlsyn, perlman:perlop, perlman:perlsub
        Execution       perlrun, perlman:perldebug
        Functions       perlfunc
        Objects         perlref, perlman:perlmod, perlman:perlobj, perlman:perltie
        Data Structures perlref, perlman:perllol, perlman:perldsc
        Modules         perlmod, perlman:perlmodlib, perlman:perlsub
        Regexps         perlre, perlfunc, perlman:perlop, perlman:perllocale
        Moving to perl5 perltrap, perl
        Linking w/C     perlxstut, perlman:perlxs, perlman:perlcall, perlman:perlguts, perlman:perlembed
                        (not a man-page but still useful)

the perltoc manpage provides a crude table of contents for the perl man page set.