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Re^3: Use Something Different

by apotheon (Deacon)
on Jan 01, 2006 at 03:09 UTC ( #520205=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Use Something Different
in thread How do you master Perl?

That makes me wonder why there isn't a Learning Perl for Unix, or something like that.

Actually, I think it's a good idea to favor non-platform-specific texts, but that makes me want to again question the Win32 version's existence. Shouldn't "we" be teaching Perl, and maybe offering a "next book" that touches on Win32-specific matters and assumes a basic understanding of Perl already, instead of teaching a Win32-specific dialect of Perl?

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- apotheon
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Re^4: Use Something Different
by brian_d_foy (Abbot) on Jan 01, 2006 at 19:10 UTC

    I'm not sure what you're asking for: Learning Perl isn't tied to any platform, and Learning Perl for Win32 is a very old book that won't be updated. We're (as in Stonehenge and the authors of Learning Perl), don't teach a platform specific version of Perl. Learning Perl for Win32 was a reaction to the second edition of Learning Perl where Tom Christiansen let his Windows hatred (and Unix bias) get in the way. Tom Phoenix changed that in the third edition of Learning Perl so we didn't need a Windows version of the book.

    A Learning Perl for Unix wouldn't be all that interesting. The interesting parts are where Perl, which is based on a lot of unixisms already, differ on non-unix platforms. Most of the interfaces have been faked or kludged so they work most places already.

    brian d foy <>
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      What I mean is that it makes more sense to me, because Perl doesn't have to be platform-specific, to turn the Win32 book into a "next book" for platform-specific Windows users, rather than letting it languish as a platform-specific book for beginners. Take it as a random rumination from someone that doesn't know what he's talking about, I guess.

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      - apotheon
      CopyWrite Chad Perrin

        There really isn't enough information (that wouldn't go into a general Perl book) to fill up a Perl Windows book. Using modules is a general task that doesn't need its own book for every platform.

        The old edition of Learning Perl for Win32 isn't languishing. We fixed Learning Perl to make a platform specific version unnecessary.

        However, if you want a completely different book from that, then you're talking about something else. It might be nice to have a Win32 Perl Cookbook if you can convince a publisher that people would buy it. :)

        brian d foy <>
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