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I'm trying to learn PDF:Template in order to automate some PDF production (phone lists, price lists, the like0). The following code works great until the content reaches the end of the page, then it appears to hang indefinitaly and according to top its not even using up a ton of resources.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use CGI qw/:standard/; use PDF::Template; my $pdf = PDF::Template->new(filename => 'report.xml'); my $loop = []; push @$loop, {Name => "Test" , Address => rand} for 1..80; $pdf->param( records => $loop ); print header(-type=>'application/pdf'), $pdf->get_buffer;
<pdftemplate h="8"> <pagedef margins="1i"> <font face="Times-Roman"> <header header_height="1.5i">Hello World </header> <row> <textbox w="25%" text="Name" /> <textbox w="25%" text="Address" /> </row> <loop name="records"> <row> <textbox w="25%" text="$Name"/> <textbox w="25%" text="$Address"/> </row> </loop> <textbox w="100%" text="Bottum of list"/> <footer footer_height="1i"> <row> <textbox w="100%" justify="right">Page <var value="__PAGE__" +/></textbox> </row> </footer> </font> </pagedef> </pdftemplate>

Any ideas?

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