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First off, thank you for adding markup to your post.

Secondly, I suspect that what's really happening here is that something's preventing SCRIPT2 from launching, but only sometimes - unfortunately, I don't know what that error message means in this context.

One suggestion is to add a ";" to the end of the string you're passing to system - this will force perl to use /bin/sh to invoke the script, which may be better at telling you the real reason stuff isn't working than perl is. Of course, if you already have a | character in your system call, that isn't going to help.

I'm very puzzled by the idea that this happens only occasionally.

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Re^2: system() does not wait
by cbolcato (Novice) on Dec 02, 2005 at 13:09 UTC
    I can assure you that SCRIPT2 is executing every time. The script writes messages to a log file that prove it is running.

    Remember from my original post that SCRIPT2 is using DBI/DBD::Oracle is it possible the DBI or DBD may be throwing a signal.