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Re^2: more fun w/ HASh ref's

by hesco (Deacon)
on Dec 01, 2005 at 01:04 UTC ( #513164=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: more fun w/ HASh ref's
in thread more fun w/ HASh ref's


Thank you sir, for those leads.

I've been running tests with Config::IniHash. Its working on every part of my barely edited config files, except for the heredoc variables in my supporters.copy.ini file.

But now I'm getting this error:

Wed Nov 30 16:41:47 2005 error client Can't use an undefinedvalue as a HASH reference at /usr/lib/cgi-bin/bc/ line 24.

line 24 reads:

my $options->{'heredoc'} = '1';
I know someone here the other day was telling me I should not quote my hash keys, but on my installation it does not seem to work unless I do.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; # use supporters_conf qw(%config); use Config::IniHash; # $hashreference = ReadINI ($filename, %options); use CGI; use CGI::Pretty qw(:all *table param); my $url = url(); # my $table1 = fqtn(@config{qw(db prefix)},"basetablename"); my $conf = parse_config_directory($url); my $path = $0; my $script = $0; $script =~ s/^(.*)\///; # $conf =~ s/$script//; # $path =~ s/$script/conf.d\/$conf\/supporters.conf/; my $config_conf = ReadINI ($conf); my $copy = $conf; $copy =~ s/\.conf/.copy/; my %options; my $options->{'heredoc'} = '1'; my $config_copy = ReadINI ($copy,%options); my $db = $conf; $db =~ s/\.conf/.db/; my $config_db = ReadINI ($db); print header("Testing parser for configuration files"), start_html("Testing parser for configuration files"), p("And the question of the hour is: Will the config module export t +he form copy. This experiment shall tell us."), p("Script path and name is: ".$0), p("Script name is: ".$script), # p("Scriptpath: ".$sp), # p("Scriptname: ".$sn), p("Path to configuration files at: <b>".$conf."</b>"), p("Script accessible at: ".$url), # p("Fully Qualified Table Name looks like: ".$table1), p("Config::IniHash says \$config = ".$config_conf."."), p("And the mail-abuse address is: ".$config_conf->{'mail-server'}->{ +'mail_abuse'}."."), p("The database name is: ".$config_db->{'db'}->{'db_name'}."."), p("The donor form disclaimer reads: <br>".$config_copy->{'copy'}->{' +donor_form_disclaimer_copy'}."."), p(),p(), $supporters_conf::config{'donor_thanks'}, end_html(); exit; sub parse_config_directory() { my($conf)=@_; # call as follows # use CGI; # $url = url(); # $conf = parse_config_directory($url); my $scriptpath = $0; my $scriptname = $0; $scriptname =~ s/^(.*)\///; $scriptpath =~ s/$scriptname//; $conf =~ s/https:\/\///; $conf =~ s/http:\/\///; $conf =~ s/\//./g; $conf =~ s/\.$scriptname//; $conf = $scriptpath."conf.d/".$conf."/supporters.conf.ini"; return $conf; # configuration file, ready for execution } # END parse_url sub fqtn(){ my($db,$prefix,$table)=@_; $db =~ s/ *$//; $prefix =~ s/ *$//; $table =~ s/ *$//; my $fullyqualifiedtablename = $db.".".$prefix.$table; return $fullyqualifiedtablename; } # END fqtn
Any ideas how I might work through this one? I've written this multiple ways and keep getting one error or another.

-- Hugh

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Re^3: more fun w/ HASh ref's
by jarich (Curate) on Dec 12, 2005 at 02:48 UTC
    Consider the following code snippet:
    my %options; my $options->{'heredoc'} = '1'; my $config_copy = ReadINI ($copy,%options);

    What this is actually saying is annotated below.

    # Create a hash called %options my %options; # Create a *scalar* variable called $options and then try # to use it as a reference. Since it's just been created, # it's undefined. Hence this won't work. my $options->{'heredoc'} = '1'; # Call ReadINI passing it $copy and your %options hash. my $config_copy = ReadINI ($copy,%options);

    I imagine that the line you want to have in the middle there is:

    $options{heredoc} = 1;

    It's a hash look up. %options is a hash, not a hash reference. If its not a reference, you don't want the arrow.

    I hope this helps.


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