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I was just curiosity not a valid reason to do things anymore? I didn't want to make any assumptions. It also lead me to thinking I might want to grab the greatest of a larger list of numbers, let's say I change my array to search to have 100 values. Taking out the ternary, which doesn't quite apply in this new context, here are the results:
Rate sort2 sort loop List sort2 3380/s -- -9% -81% -94% sort 3725/s 10% -- -79% -93% loop 17454/s 416% 369% -- -67% List 53227/s 1475% 1329% 205% --

Lastly, it's a meditation. Food for thought. I'm not trying to cure cancer here but you never know.

List::Util: you forgot to read the comments. the perl stuff is only compiled if the XS fails to load.