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Re: Renaming the Schwartzian Transform

by b10m (Vicar)
on Sep 21, 2005 at 10:33 UTC ( #493718=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Renaming the Schwartzian Transform

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Re^2: Renaming the Schwartzian Transform
by eric256 (Parson) on Sep 21, 2005 at 15:07 UTC

    Could it be that he was kidding? I know its a long shot but maybe this was just a joke? Nah your right, he was seriously implying that everything on the net should be in english and that we should change the name of the Schwartzian transform. Come on. I wonder if all the downvotes are because he used "american", what if he had said "british" or canadian, or french. I do find it rather amusing that the anit-american attitude is soo strong, while I haven't heard any americans be anit-anything. Perhaps I don't listen well enough to catch those, its possible. Either way it was a joke and meant to be over the top. You didn't take issue with "silly z." I mean Z is my favorite letter, that arrogant bastard calling my z silly, I think i'll downvote him. You're all free to vote how you feel obviously, but do remember it was a joke even if it flopped in your eyes it was meant as humor not political commentary.

    Eric Hodges
Re^2: Renaming the Schwartzian Transform
by runrig (Abbot) on Sep 21, 2005 at 20:59 UTC
    I tend to dislike a US-selfcentered view of the world...and I see this behaviour too often to believe it's really 'humourous'.


    • We are self-centered (and arrogant too! -- just look at our President! )
    • Mr. Schwartz is American (which doesn't prove anything, but I thought I'd point it out)
    • It is humorous (what's up with you Europeans always putting extra u's in words anyway?)
      It is humorous (what's up with you Europeans always putting extra u's in words anyway?)

      What's with Americans forgetting how to pronounce them? The inflection in prononunciation between how 'humor' and 'humour' is slight and subtle, but it exists.

      Or do you prononounce "our" and "or" the same way, too?

      Too often, Americans systematically mis-pronounce words, then gripe that other people aren't spelling the word "correctly", since it no longer matches the pronunciation. I've even seen Texans complain about spelling the "get" with an 'e' instead of an 'i'!

      So, the real answer is: "'cause you're wrong, you semi-educated hick", but of course, most people are too polite to say that, and the Americans just get all offended if they do, because anything done "The American Way" is by definition correct. *sigh*

        I've even seen Texans complain about spelling the "get" with an 'e' instead of an 'i'!

        (Figuratively) speaking as a semi-educated hick and red bludded 'merkin, I know that it's only spelled with an "i" when followed by "along little dogie" (and usually preceded by "Whoopie-ti-yi-yo".

        So, the real answer is: "'cause you're wrong, you semi-educated hick"

        That would be "'cuz yer wrong, ...".

        If your post was suppose to be humor, then please ignore the following.

        Languages evolve, like it or not that is a fact. If they didn't you could use a 100 year old dictionary. You can't, get used to it. BTW I would guess that the poster you replied to was joking, I understand that is a hard concept to grasp in text format though. Also, just because our subset of english has evolved differently than yours, that doesn't mean we are 'semi-educated' or 'hicks' although either may apply to some specific individuals. I think it would be easy to argue that spelling should change to reflect the current pronunciation. Remember that even *true* English evlolved from some previous form and that generation would probably consider you an uneducated fool for pronouncing and spelling words the way you do.

        Eric Hodges

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