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Update 3: To duplicate this, turn on "Auto code wrapping" in user settings.

It looks like the 'p class="code"' element is being closed prematurely.
<p class="code"></p><div class="codeblock"><tt class="codetext">my $me +ssage="Hello world\n";<br> print $message;<br> </tt></div> <!-- </p> should be here, not before opening <div> -->

That p tag should wrap the entire codeblock.

Either way, thanks for all the work!

Update: This change breaks any css using the .code selector (including the blue web-safe Perl-blue theme).

Update 2: Not necessary any more, demerphq++ fixed it (div became span). "On-site css markup" fix:

p.code { display: none } div.codeblock { display: block; border: 1px solid #666; color: #069; padding: 1em; }