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First of, note that what you try to do might be illegal since a number of sites prohibit the use of scripts to interact with them. You'll have to check the end user agreement to make sure.

Technically, a number of things went wrong, see the code below for something that seems to work:

my $URL = ""; #BLASTX:NT query, AA db ->blastx #AGI Proteins (Protein) ->ATH1_pep #query sequence ->QueryText my $response = $browser->post( $URL, [ 'Algorithm' => 'blastx', 'BlastTargetSet' => 'ATH1_pep', 'QueryText' => $sequence, 'ReplyTo' => '' ] );
The URL for the request was wrong, the first parameter is 'Algorithm' and not 'Algorithem' and you need to supply an email address, apparently.

Hope this helps, -gjb-