I'd like Newest Nodes to show "New Notes" to "old" threads in a separate section just before "New Notes" to "new" threads.

I've avoided making suggestions regarding Newest Nodes because I hadn't tried the Tk Newest Nodes Client. Well, I finally found some time to try it and failed to get it to work (some web requests come back blank which causes it to die trying to open a file named "\r\n"). I'll still avoid making "big" requests because I think the "right" answer for such things is an external viewer.

However, I just can't read every node like I did just a few weeks ago. I think this is a small change that would make a huge difference in how easily I can feel like I'm "keeping up".

For "New Notes to New Threads", I usually click on the root node and read the whole thread so I don't care to click on a particular reply. If I didn't click on the root node, then I'm unlikely to be interested in a particular reply. For "New Notes to Old Threads", I usually want to click on these.

When there are several dozen new root nodes (which has become pretty common for me), it takes a lot of time for me to run through the hundreds of "New Notes" trying to match subjects against my buggy hash of the subject from further up in that page.

The next step is threaded Newest Nodes, but I think that is best kept to the Tk Newest Nodes Client and I encourage monks to try it out and help in developing it (as I will be doing in my usual slow manner). See Shendal's and ZZamboni's home nodes for more information and to see who to thank.

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")