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Always take your lunch break. The moment you skip your lunch and start eating at your desk, you lose that hour break in the day and never get it back.

Try to come in early, but don't stay late. Everyone admires the guy that gets there early. Early really means, try to mirror your bosses schedule so that he always sees you there. If your boss works from 6am till 4pm, but you work from 10am till midnight; you may put in more hours, but the only ones that count are the ones he sees you.

Don't surf. You can do that when you've mastered your environment, or at home.

Depending on how much control you have on that project implementing test cases, you might want to pick the low-hanging fruit to boost your percent complete. Knocking out the simple test cases will also allow you to get an idea of how to work out your harness before tackling the bigger tests.

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