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It might be easy, but it is also very subtle and not very noticable. I guess a good syntax highlighter could solve that, but it looks like something that would be easy to overlook while debugging.

I comment out blocks very quickly using my editor. In Vim I just cursor to the { or the }, then hit Shift-V % .c and the entire block is commented. To uncomment, use the same procedure except use .C instead of .c.

The .c command is provided by the BlockComment plugin found here. The Shift-V starts line by line highlighting and the % finds the matching bracket to the one you are currently on or near. You could probably write a simple macro that does the same thing in one or two keypresses as well.

- Cees

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Re^3: More than One Line Comment
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on May 11, 2005 at 20:04 UTC

    Needless to say, but I don't use vim or emacs. My editor can do that too, but it's not the point.

    The subtlety of this is that it comments/uncomments a block. A block as defined by the language.

    Not some manually chosen grouping of an artificial concept of 'lines';

    Your point that it could be overlooked is valid, but if a block is going to be commented out (semi-)permenantly, then I would either put it into a pod comment, or physically remove it. The use of being able to comment out a block in a block-strucured language would be to test it's effect in the short term. A quick "what if" check whilst debugging. Easy to do and undo.

    If, having tried the idea out, you decided to make it semi-permenant, then you could go back and use a macro to make it more distinctive.

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