As I've said before, I'm happy to write and run a Monk's Quest type programming "competition". The motivation behind this type of challenge was sparked from recent dicussions, here and on chatter box. These challenges will therefore be ...

I have come up with a few ideas, but have a few concerns about whether or not people will actually do it. The reason for this post is simple; I'll post a few ideas and you tell me if you would like to actually do them. Probably best to /msg me, save cluttering up the thread.

The Weakest Link

Based on a UK game show, a team compete for a cash prize. The twist is that they have to work together to do well. It's a winner take all scenario. The challenge will involve Game Theory and may present some interesting methods of getting to the optimum solution.

Treasure Hunt

A simple game of running about picking up stuff. Will be an Agent oriented type problem with a communication element. Teams will compete against eachother. Again, there may be a co-operative twist, tbc.

Camel Round Up

Another game, (I love games), again played in teams, but this time the team is all on one side. You have to catch the tricky Camels. Opportunities will be given to write Camel and Sheppard code.

OK, these are all games ... but that's 'cos I love 'em. If you want me to carry on with something like this, let me know. /msg your interest in actually programming, and use the thread to discuss such general principals.

I'm happy to come up with a whole new set of ideas on a different tack, if people want a more "coding" oriented challenge as opposed to an "algorithmic" one.

I'm also interested in judging methods. I thought it might be nice to simple post the results and the people post the code (after the event). People can then vote on the code, giving XP as the prizes.

You're thoughts please ... I don't want to waste my time.

Brother Marvell