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I've been working with Perl for about 4 years now. I started when I was working on a project trying to convert text files to PDF files. Sanface's txt2pdf program was written in Perl and I started tinkering with it. Like so many other uneducated folk, I had been under the impression that Perl was "just something they used for webpages." I am so glad to have the veil lifted!

After just a few weeks I got hooked on Perl and now I use it extensively at my place of work. In fact, I couldn't do my job without it. I do so much text munging with Perl I can't even believe we lived without it for so long. We do a lot of data conversion - what we affectionately call "data kung-fu" - and Perl is the master.

I've worked with PDF::API2 quite a bit and I'm trying to help the author out with documentation and sample s‎crip‎ts. I've also used Win32::OLE to create all sorts of killer automation applets. Lately I've fallen in love with WWW::Mechanize, which is great for automating all sorts processes we have that require us to log on, download, and log off.

In short: Perl rocks!