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Don't be discouraged by differences in the subtitles. I have a DVD of The Matrix. In the training scene with the woman in the red dress where Morpheus says, "Some of these people are so dependent, so inured..." has some interesting quirks.

  1. People here all sorta different things for that scene, and most people don't know the word 'inured', so it gets misquoted all the time.
  2. The DVD's own subtitles say 'inert', which is both wrong and makes no sense.
  3. If you turn on your TV's Closed Captions, it says 'inured'! Ha! I guess people who listen for a living have better vocabularies.

Your Red Dwarf set is fine. The guy/gal doing the subtitles was probably going from an earlier cut of the script and/or they deviated from the script in filming. Or who knows? Maybe it's an easter egg.