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Font family for the logo?

by monsieur_champs (Curate)
on Mar 30, 2005 at 12:23 UTC ( #443420=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

monsieur_champs has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I'm trying to make an "official" t-shirt for the São Paulo Perl Mongers and I would love to keep some visual identity with the Perl Mongers logo.

My question is: anybody here can tell me the font family or font name for this Perl Mongers logo?

And anybody here can point me any visual presentation recomendations (or rules) so I don't mis-use this logo on São Paulo Perl Mongers t-shirts?

Many many many thanks in advance and may the gods bless you all.

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Re: Font family for the logo?
by derby (Abbot) on Mar 30, 2005 at 14:02 UTC

      Yes, Candida was the font name. Now that someone said it I remember :)

      Note that the original designer played around with font weights and kerning to get the final type layout. I have it as an EPS file (converted to paths, so it's not "type" anymore).

      brian d foy <>
Re: Font family for the logo?
by Miguel (Friar) on Mar 30, 2005 at 14:36 UTC
Re: Font family for the logo?
by VSarkiss (Monsignor) on Mar 30, 2005 at 15:39 UTC
Re: Font family for the logo?
by brian_d_foy (Abbot) on Mar 30, 2005 at 19:44 UTC

    Let me see if I can find the original artwork for you. I have all that stuff on CDs lying around somewhere.

    Given a day, the name of the font will probably come back to me, and if someone says its name, I will know instantly. I have some postscript files lying about. Are there any nifty tools that will tell me the names of the fonts in them?

    Note however, that the logo contains a trademark and you need to get permission to use it.

    brian d foy <>

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