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Obfuscated Poetry

by t0mas (Priest)
on Nov 30, 2000 at 13:27 UTC ( [id://44097]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I was playing around with pack/unpack (for other purposes than obfuscation) and came up with this :)
#!/usr/bin/perl $/=undef;$d=<DATA>;$d=~s/\s//g;eval unpack"a*",pack "H*",join"",reverse split/(..)/,substr$d,0,128;&$a( join"",reverse split/(..)/,substr$d,128); __DATA__ 0a3b7d292974666968732c222a4822286b6361702873736572706d6f636e7 520746e6 9727 07b6 27 57 3 3d6 1240a3b6 269 6 c5a 3a3a7 3 73657 2 706d6f4 32065 73 754e4669 be 03f 98 103f4 f f6fa0 7 e3ff6f1 11579 9c 75c825e8 b 6a2a7 1 de 8a 9b2 f81 21 edbb 3 0 2188e 0 ed701 8 6bd67b4 06b 9579 9d af2d 3 f5461 2 caced c c5309 a f585397 51c1 0bb e37 37 937ee 2 cd c8 b 66e61 c7 f34d9eb415be54eef8d4309d8ef3d308388ccb25f7c9a92fb840c9b458d03 af53a5fddd8 bdd285 fd f67 90 2e69 cd20e0367dbb 5177bdbc2e3 75 ad b 5edc1 d c2f9 e ace bcc675236356b 5a1e1b24d6c 8a a6 c edbd9 2 261a951 4d 3ca4bbb55e0c71 87482f9474e 94 60 3 18478 b 125680e ac8b6bb3e71f61d 851f5ae6bbb 3e 8e 3 ac1ac f 08ac917 c4 18dababf9c5c00 6fd2c97d5d1 12 50 8 d4b1a a 7c56 d 76c 341a172890c5f 9bdfdc0ae4eb 8e b50 264 6b 1d6f f3889b5b8f8a 09e793f0420fb5275e741a70bc8063bd383e19f380be6582cf319df4373ca 504927866b9e8d531b2779d5d964db0d3aa56ae7b55533e675de963d837f0 fbaad0e85f580b04a592e339924fe09dcf3215c40397f70b4a5ad05ec3b82 d13ddcc6afe024a65ae065c58482472379dc782107f149e272c2699490b0a f31f440218f307a5a0b956e7e040da3e4fcb5135a601f87e006ca0fe142b7 17c1c8238a01e7001d3f043e4d83305a76fd21c3867240862f6f7376f6525 f7fd711e81992bb4b69b28407ee872050410f6c9143d203f4d97a5ce82beb bc0c30dc6ecb53ad9c78

/brother t0mas

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