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A Lost Monk's Rogation

by tlm (Prior)
on Mar 19, 2005 at 18:34 UTC ( #440940=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

O monks! Forgive my impertinence.

I disturb your thoughts and labors
only after much exertion.

For I have searched and fasted,
searched and prayed,
but found no answers to my questions.

What say the sigils (A:3/5/4)
or (FA:9/25/20) or [v3](1/5/4)
after a thread's heading?
Are they friendly,
or mean they harm?

What's vroom's mysterious design
that he saw good to give each monk,
however pustular, a Scratchpad?
To what purpose and to what benefit?

And why, dear monks, does the oracle mock
my double-quoted prayers?
Will it not listen to the pious phrases
of a novice? How will he find the
"History of Perlmonks"? Or the meaning
of "XP Whoring"?

Take pity, monks, on a lost supplicant,
whose sinews need resting
and mind needs solace
from disquiet and torment.

The Lowliest Monk

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Re: A Lost Monk's Rogation
by mdillon (Priest) on Mar 19, 2005 at 18:52 UTC
    "A:3/5/4" means "approved, 3 direct replies, 5 total replies, 4 visible replies"

    "FA:9/25/20" means "front-paged, approved, 9 direct replies, 25 total replies, 20 visible replies"

    I think the "v3" means that it has been edited twice since posting (maybe three times).

    Update: see below for the real meaning of [v3].

      Thanks. There are a few more that I did not cite. Are these notations listed anywhere?

      the lowliest monk

        Maybe, but I don't know where. I just worked it out from looking at the page contents.
Re: A Lost Monk's Rogation
by mdillon (Priest) on Mar 19, 2005 at 18:55 UTC
    As for searching for strings with embedded spaces, try changing your separator character to a pipe or comma or something.
Re: A Lost Monk's Rogation
by ysth (Canon) on Mar 20, 2005 at 06:30 UTC
    v3 means a rep of three, and that you've downvoted it. Similarly, ^ indicates an upvote. This is somewhat implicitly mentioned in Recently Active Threads Faqlet (which you should read.)

    Re: double-quoted prayers, put something (I use ;) in the "separate strings with" field, just under the text search field at the top to keep it from spliting into search terms at spaces.

      I updated the faqlet to make it explicit. I hope some kind SDCer will redit that page, i'm too close to the trees.


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