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Icertain people will attack you blindly and hatefully after awhile even if you are correct.../I

by metaperl (Curate)
on Nov 27, 2000 at 22:55 UTC ( #43528=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

certain people will attack you blindly and hatefully after awhile even if you are correct...

I really dont know what made me choose a second username. Part of it was because I felt that my bratty behavior had created some permanent enemies. And basically what was happening was every post of mine, regardless of how high it finally reached in reputation, would see an almost immediate plummet of 1 or 2 points.

So, I started a new user account and resolved to turn over a new leaf... and achieved a perfect record of ++ posts. I thought I was logged in as princepawn when I made the reply to my own thread, but somehow I messed up and was logged in as princepawn.

Then, I felt that I had done a good job of contributing as metaperl and had built up a recording of actually doing good as opposed to saying I would, so I tried to link that to the hated image of myself as princepawn to the positive image of metaperl, hopefully erasing the accumulated dislike.

What has happened instead, is that all of metaperl's post have been uniformly reduced in reputation by 2-5 points each. Now, I should've known better. Once you anger the charging bull, forget it. And I have angered the charging bull. I remember once in the chatterbox pschoonveld said I think princepawn is a dumbass. This is a condemning statement. A more reasonable statement is: "to date, princepawn has acted like a dumbass", thus leaving room for future improvement.

But well, angry charging bulls are angry charging bulls aren't they? Luckily, I didn't say my alter-ego was someone else, or they would have logged into a very unpleasant surprise {grin}.

Sincerley, PRINCE "My third alter-ego is pschoonveld" PAWN
The above statement is just a joke, for those of you who never catch my humor.

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Have done!
by Petruchio (Vicar) on Nov 28, 2000 at 16:04 UTC
    Peace! Please!

    This has all gone too far. Princepawn, I appreciate your desire to make amends. I too feel you have been treated (in part, but only in part) unfairly. But these things are not worthy of a series of pronouncements. You did not earn the ire of your enemies overnight, and you will not earn back their respect overnight. With time and effort, I have confidence that you'll put things right, but assuming your situation is front-page news is not a good start. Instead of posting anew, reply to what is said here. Then keep a lower profile, help some people, and things will change for you.

    People, please lighten up. Here is a fellow pledging to try and be a better monk, and to contribute. He does so awkwardly, and if you set out to find fault, you will. But that's not good for the monastery. We now have anger and strife here, and it's awful.

    It was poor judgement to announce an alter-ego the way princepawn did. It should be pointed out, however, that he did announce it... and not, I think, intending to make fools of anyone. The easiest thing for princepawn to do would be to quietly drop his old identity, and take up a new one. If he chooses to stick it out as princepawn, I think he deserves some respect at least.

    Place this in contrast with our local vandals. I have watched as folks like merlyn, AgentM and princepawn have been hunted, and even their positive contributions systematically voted down by vindictive monks. Princepawn is not the worst monk around here, in my estimation. And at least he's not a coward.

    I ask everyone to let this go. I have no greater grounds to ask this than your consciences give me. If you believe that you should vote the post, and not the person, let this go. If you want what's best for the monastery, let this go. And if you happen, at times, to be princepawn, you need to let this go too. Enough is enough. None of this has anything to do with Perl. It all sucks.

    Thank you. Good night.

    P.S. I am not now, nor have I ever been, princepawn. :-)

      I'll have to agree with your post!
      This has spiraled down into the level of craziness and bad manners. As happens, we are humanm, and we step on one another's toes constantly. No getting around that.
      But the person that gets stepped on can act adult, even if the person that stomped him is being less than adult.

      Roy Alan

Re: Icertain people will attack you blindly and hatefully after awhile even if you are correct.../I
by Albannach (Monsignor) on Nov 28, 2000 at 00:05 UTC
    I don't want to get involved in anyone's flame war, but I'd like to try to give you a different perspective on a few issues, partly because this touches on some voting system questions we were yammering about early this morning in the CB:

    - I personally never vote on anything but the node in question, for any user, no matter how much their single post pissed me off. I believe, you see, that to go beyond that and hunt down other posts is perverting the system, which is NOT to rank people but to rank nodes (and I've seen some rank nodes, let me tell you... ;-). I think that if the system is to work, everyone must vote just on the node. If that node is bad, it will sink, and if good, it will be raised. If the author of that node persists in writing stuff that is, on its own, bad, that author will get a lot of -- over time. This is actually a good thing IMHO.

    - I don't believe in permanent enemies. All the XP that metaperl gained could just as easily have been gained by princepawn, but you didn't give it a chance. I could be wrong, but from what I've seen here, the community is more than willing to help someone who is willing to help himself.

    - Any recent retribution you have detected against metaperl is simply due to people not liking being fooled, and like it or not that is what you did by adopting a new name. You could have publicly changed your name and nobody would have cared. I understand that you think that would have transfered your reputation to the new name, but if you can't trust others to treat you fairly when deserved, can you expect them to trust you?

    - I could tell you were pschoonveld, I'm just waiting for you to reveal that you're merlyn - that is to say that many others here also have a sense of humour!

    Finally, here is my advice for what it is worth (remembering that you didn't pay for it ;-): Pick a single ID and stick with it. You seem to have figured out how to post without inflaming people, just try to remember that.

    Contribute value as you are able (and I know you are able), and you will be justly rewarded. (man does that sound pompus!)

Re: Icertain people will attack you blindly and hatefully after awhile even if you are correct.../I
by PsychoSpunk (Hermit) on Nov 27, 2000 at 23:18 UTC
    I go two days without checking PM and I find it in the midst of a minor emergency over the actions of one person. I'm distraught over merlyn's reactions, especially considering that he has continually called for a vote based on merit. The sides line up as people feel conned, while others feel justified. And then there's footpad who makes a good point, and others who just try to ignore the inanity of it all.

    Now, metaperl's post carries the ire commonly associated with the brash princepawn. And I think it's a shame that it's gone this far. This "war" should go on elsewhere, or the participants should hang up their swords and get back to the apolitical (in comparison) daily routine of the monastery.

    It's not productive, it serves to divide, and it affects more reputations than metaperl and princepawn. I'm not advocating a happy sitcom ending. I'm simply saying, "The monastery is not a place to have a pissing contest."


      Drama sucks...unless it has to do with beautiful women. Anyway, can we just forget about this? Whoever is pissed at princepawn can be mad and whoever is not, won't be. I don't know about the rest of you, but I think that it is just better to filter than to get upset in this situation (and most others).

      PROGRAM-ID.  redmist.
      AUTHOR.  God (Larry Wall/Alan Cox hybrid).
        Thank you,
        my $sentiment = $yours;

        ALL HAIL BRAK!!!

Re: certain people will attack you blindly and hatefully after awhile even if you are correct...
by a (Friar) on Nov 28, 2000 at 11:19 UTC
    Well you have (as PP) come off as a little snotty, that'll raise hackles (as will, I suppose, the use of the word 'snotty') pretty consistently anywhere, even (esp.?) in a monastary. W/ luck (and here we queue the rising music, the tinkling of bells and George Bailey singing auld lang signe (sp)?) this last change of heart (though you're still posting w/ a lot of hubris - what if the bull runs right by you?) will give us all a happier monastary, a moment to reflect upon our frailties and a chance to use a little more compassion the next time we meet a node/poster/imposter we don't like.

    As somebody else so succinctly put it:
    all hail brak
    (that's joke son, I don't hear you laughing ...)


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