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Re^3: Installing modules on Win32

by cik_ail (Initiate)
on Feb 25, 2005 at 04:19 UTC ( #434360=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Installing modules on Win32
in thread Installing modules on Win32

Thanx.. But other than ppm, can there be other way to download.. Because, I could not connect to the repository.. My place (the university i'm using) couldnt pass through..

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Re^4: Installing modules on Win32
by holli (Abbot) on Feb 25, 2005 at 08:03 UTC
    Three possibilities:
    • I assume you are behind a proxy. Try to set the HTTP_proxy, HTTP_proxy_user and HTTP_proxy_pass environment variables. Then use ppm again:
      $ set http_proxy= $ set http_proxy_user=username $ set http_proxy_pass=password

      where x is the ip-address of the proxy, and y the port.

    • Surf to the repository and download the PPD-file. Open it with a text-editor. Identify the line that says <CODEBASE HREF="x86/Convert-ASN1-0.14-PPM.tar.gz" />. Download that tar.gz-file. Put both files in a directory, the tarball must be saved relative to the ppd as stated in the ppd (here ./x86). Add that directory as a repository to ppm.
      ppm> rep add local /path/to/ppd
      Then install the module with ppm.

    • Download only the tarball, extract it and copy the files to appropriate places in the perl library tree.

    Here are the locations of the repositories. I forgot them last night. The list is different, because I am at work now.
    ppm> rep Repositories: [ 1] kv [ 2] ActiveState Package Repository [ 3] ActiveState PPM2 Repository [ 4] apache [ 5] theory [ 6] CRAZY [ 7] BRIBE [ 8] perlxml [ 9] crazy58 [10] datetime [11] soulcage58 [12] sablot [13] bribes [14] jenda [15] theory58S [16] esoft [17] theory58 [18] savage [19] openi [20] roth ppm> rep desc 11 Describing Active Repository 11: Name: soulcage58 Location: Type: Webpage ppm> rep desc 15 Describing Active Repository 15: Name: theory58S Location: Type: Webpage ppm>

    holli, /regexed monk/
      Sorry again.. I'm just so damn stupid..
      But how do you set these variable?? is it in a file or??
      $ set http_proxy= $ set http_proxy_user=username $ set http_proxy_pass=password

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