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Re: Displaying/buffering huge text files

by spurperl (Priest)
on Feb 24, 2005 at 06:35 UTC ( #433966=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Displaying/buffering huge text files

The idea of storing every n-th index in the index table that a couple of monks brought up works even better than expected. I wasn't sure about it at first, but since my reading of the file is buffered, it emposes no performance cost.

My approach now is: I have a BUFFER_BLOCK, currently 1000 lines long. I store every BUFFER_BLOCK lines in the index, that is, 0th line, 1000th line, etc. When the class is asked for a line which is not in the buffer, it rounds the line to the highest BUFFER_BLOCK (I.e. for line 7781 it goes to 7000), grabs another BUFFER_BLOCK lines down an another up (that is 6000-9000 for line 7781) and returns the desired line.

This works like magic, and blazingly fast. I'm experimenting with a 100MB file now (~6 million lines). Reading and indexing it (I'm doing it now in C++ and the smaller amount of push_back to the vector gives gains) takes below 2 seconds ! Afterwards, accesses to lines that are not in buffer take ~70 ms (in buffer is immediate of course).

Memory consumption: the index table takes 4*1/BUFFER_BLOCK bytes for each line. That is, in the gigantic file I'm testing, it takes only 24 KB.

The buffer itself is 3000 lines at 30 chars / line on average, only 90 KB or so.

So, the class "mirrors" a 100 MB file, taking only about 120 KB of memory and working blazingly fast.

Thanks for all the good and interesting answers, monks. I wonder, though, if Perl can match C++'s speed here. Indexing a 100 MB file in 1.7 seconds is quite impressive.

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