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I just tried to install Data::Page::Viewport that is still hot from the press. The CPAN utility is confused because the distribution files in the tarball are stamped in the close future. Clearly the distribution has been done with a different locale from mine. That must be a common problem. Is there a standard way to fix such a problem? Within CPAN?

-- stefp

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Re: CPAN installer with files in the future
by merlyn (Sage) on Feb 14, 2005 at 13:36 UTC
    It's not a common problem that I've seen, and I install a huge amount of stuff immediately from the CPAN (to the point where it even annoys some of the developers when I report bugs within minutes of CPAN submission).

    The timestamps inside a tarball are timezone neutral, so it can't be about "locale". However, I have seen very occasionally a tarball created with a mis-set clock so that files are a day or so into the future. First, I report the mistake immediately, but the workaround is simple: set all modtimes to "right now":

    tar xvfz Bad-Distro-1.4.tar.gz find Bad-Distro-1.4 -type f -print | xargs -t touch

    -- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker
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      Or alternatively if the version of tar supports it you can use the -m option which doesn't restore the modification time from the archive. I.E:

      tar xvmfz Bad-Distro-1.4.tar.gz