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Re: Would you work at a porn company?

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 14, 2005 at 10:50 UTC ( #430742=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Would you work at a porn company?

  1. Would you face discrimination from future employers?

    Doubtful. I've had quite some jobs, and hence, I've been hired a lot of times. Future employers tend to be far more interested in what you did than who happened to named on your pay cheque.

  2. Would other geeks look down at you?

    Oh, most certainly there will be geeks looking down on you. There will also be geeks that'll adore you and who want to have your job.

  • Would your former stint at a porn company hinder you from finding work in a foreign land? (China, for example, imprisons porn website operators.)

    No idea. But if former stints where something to worry about, I'd be more afraid of the USA than of China.

  • And what's it like at a porn company? Are the programmers exposed to the porn?

    That would probably depend on the job you're doing. If the job is "make websites" or "process images", then, yeah, I presume you are "exposed" to porn. But if your job involves keeping servers happy or to write payroll software, there's no reason you will be "exposed" to porn. But it may.

    I've worked for banks, I've worked for financial software companies, I've worked in the health care industry, I've done gigs for the NATO, revenue services, and for telco's. I haven't been exposed (at work) to money, pills, doctors, planes, tax forms, or phones. I've once used (outdated) occurances of certain diseases of a state broken down by zip-code though. But that's about all the non-hardware, non-software "exposure" I've got.

  • Would you have considered taking the programming job? Why or why not?

    Too little information. It would depend on the work I'm supposed to do, the compensation, work hours, office location, how badly I need a job, future co-workers, my impression of the company, the companies stability record, and more. I've no moral objection against porn.

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