Felow monks,

Recently I was developing a new module, called lib::http, where is possible to use a Perl library installed in other server over the internet. Also with this release is distributed a modified Perl interpreter, actually a modified TinyPerl, that doesn't have any lib, but with it is possible to use a full perl installation over the internet.

The main idea is to use Perl without need to install anything, and to have a central point to load modules, where is possible to update a full grid of servers changing only a single place. So, we can update all the services writed in Perl that works in our grid changing a single Perl installation, what is much more faster, and as a plus we can hide some modules, since we can tell to load this modules only in the memory, without need to store them fisically in the server.

lib::http was created only in the last week and still need tests, of course, but it's working very well, and already have support for gzip compression, index of a perl library in the server side, and works in any simple HTTP server.

Should be at CPAN soon:

Enjoy! ;-P

Graciliano M. P.
"Creativity is the expression of liberty".