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Re: Perl module

by arcnon (Monk)
on Jan 15, 2005 at 15:27 UTC ( #422509=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Copy perl module to webhost

date::calc has xs code... You might ask your provider to install the module if installing in your directory does work. also if you have to pay for disk space on your server you can get carried pretty easily and waste all your space on modules: )

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Re^2: Perl module
by redhotpenguin (Deacon) on Jan 15, 2005 at 17:03 UTC
    Good call. Sending a quick email to your provider asking to have a module installed is the smart way to go. If that is beyond their technical means, or their courtesy to you as a customer then perhaps you should find a different provider.
      And if you do need a different provider, I highly recommend FutureQuest. They are about as open-source- and Perl-friendly as you could hope for. Their hosting rates are low, their tech support is superb, and they are always open to any reasonable request to install a module. I've used them for several years now and have zero complaints about their service.

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