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Re^2: plong - a pong clone with SWF::File

by teabag (Pilgrim)
on Jan 11, 2005 at 11:32 UTC ( #421244=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: plong - a pong clone with SWF::File
in thread plong - a pong clone with SWF::File

Thanks webfiend,

I've been looking at SWF::Builder, which is actually some kind of wrapper for the SWF::File module IIRC.

At the moment I'm developing a wrapper for flv, flashvideo. Check out my preliminary results at

You might want to download the scripts there. They're messy but fully functioning. I still need to solve adding the flv metadata in the flv file though. Then it would be possible to fastforward/backward and use a slider.

The metadata is actually a bit of AMF (action message format) and I'm hoping to use AMF::Perl for writing the metatags.

Not being to great in editing binary data, I'll probably be busy hacking the module for a while. The fact that the documentation of the AMF format is almost non-existant and the module AMF::Perl has no function writing the data to a file makes it even more difficult.

Then again, if it's finished it will be better then commercial products, and free. ;)

any tips an hints are more then welcome.

Blessed is the end user who expects nothing, for he/she will not be disappointed.
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