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You might want to also check out OpenInteract. It's Template::Toolkit based but offers a model for building more integrated portal-like environments. I've been using it a bit but not really enough yet to say too much about it. One thing I like is that it has a built-in persistence/security model, SPOPS. This allows you to build portal objects with different access permissions for different groups/users.

I'd like to hear other monks' impressions of OpenInteract if there are any out there using it.

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Re^2: Pondering Portals
by perrin (Chancellor) on Dec 24, 2004 at 16:37 UTC
    OpenInteract is a really impressive system, which takes on a lot of the anooying problems that other systems ignore: distributing your code as a an easy-to-install package, loading the SQL automatically, etc. It's worth checking out, especially with the new OpenInteract2 now available. Have a look at the YAPC presentation on the OpenInteract site for a good iintro.