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Alright, that's cool, but why didn't you post that to begin with? I immediately caught what you meant by "ethical", and I immediately saw what the program did. I can't possibly fathom why the node approver didn't see that.

Anything suspected to be malicious does NOT go over well here. In the olden days, a thread like this would have been nuked - that means it wouldn't even go under the normal review process to be deleted, with a record of it remaining. The admins would make it just *disappear*. Its happened to me before, a few years ago over what I thought was some innocent networking code. (This node wasn't deleted under the normal review process because I was pretty sarcastic in my consideration - I often forget that people here don't get sarcasm. It kind of sucks for you, the rep would have probably wouldn't have gone under a -5 if it had been reaped.

Anyways, the quality of the code isn't too shabby. Lurk a bit, and don't try to imply that you're some sort of cracker next time, ok? :)