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There's a lot in its source that makes me think Mr Stein never really bothered to learn (modern) Perl, but the easiest to find and refer to weirdness is "/gso"

Which, conveniently, occurs right next to my favorite line in, 2124:

# hack to work around earlier hacks

That said, my first reaction to the root node was: "Great. Another Soccer-Mom Node." Honestly, I've been a regular at this site for almost 3 and a half years, and really-syrupy-sermony still bothers me. From the "COME BROTHERS, LETS BASK IN THE GLORIOUS LIGHT THAT IS PERL!" style nodes to the "HUGE PEDANTIC NODE WITH A CONTROVERSIAL TITLE THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT AN ISSUE THAT IS OBVIOUS AND YOU PROBABLY KNOW ABOUT ANYWAY" style, I still can't keep myself from rolling my eyes and Crl-W-ing my browser tab about a paragraph into the node. The node might even have some sort of topic I might have been interested in reading otherwise, but the tone completely drives me off before I even get that far. I wonder: is it because this website has "Monastery" in the name? Would these same nodes have been written if we were, The Perl Clubhouse? Anyways, I needed to get that off my chest.

At any rate, who uses CGI these days anyway? ;)