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The reasons I considered that node for retitling were two: the first being that a person with the same problem as the poster might not search for "trashed by HTML"; the second the title I suggested seem (to me at least) to fit the solution that would and was given. However, I should point out I gave my reasons for the title change in the cb and asked if anyone had a problem with my suggested title, could think of a better one, or had any other thoughts, of that castaway meantion she had no problem with the original title and ikegami meantioned another title might be "bite by matt again" (parapharing out of memory lapse) but I took that to be a joke...though it does seem to be the problem. So I considered the node, voted edit, and waited thinking that if people do not want the name change they (like you) could vote keep. As for bland and boring, I care about function more then most else, so for the most part I care not if something is bland and boring as long as that something works (though the intent/humour/personality of the author I agree with)

Btw. it would have been nice if you had /msged me asking for my reasons (before or after making the thread), and indeed I may have been wrong here...wouldn't be the first time.

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