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Obfuscated mailing list footer

by jima (Vicar)
on Nov 13, 2000 at 19:24 UTC ( #41318=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Back in the day, when Chicago.PM was just starting up, we were trying to come up with an Obfuscated message footer text which contained the usual unsubscribe info, for people wishing to get off the list. I came up with the following:
s??m, 2+02{0|/&{"E 0"+} *z&) 1, |%&|z\$,F-*F/".2"01Yfz&)&+\$Fe&01G+"1: +4?, s?^?|%&|z\$,F-*Yfz&)&+\$Fe&01G+"1 H\\%&|z\$, i"/) fAt,2v+\$"/9z+&z|B0H +:?, s?$?&1% {,}6 1"51 ;2+02{0|/&{";G _,/ *,/" %")-E 0"+} {,}6 1"51 ;%")-;G +:?, s?^,+?{,}6 1/&{"E 0"+} *"51 ;2+02{0|/&?,y,:-}"-9,\n"-|,&&print, #+-*/ +:?,
But for some reason, Majordomo choked on this. ;-)

We currently use the following, which is not too Obfuscated, so people can sort of figure it out:

undef$/;open # "moc.acipot@ebircsbusnu-mp-ogacihc" liam ,busnu +ot STDIN,$0;print # mp-ogacihc/stsil/moc.acipot.www//:pt +th scalar(reverse # moc.acipot@mp-ogaci +hc scalar<>),"\n" # sregnoM lreP ogacihC -- mp.ogaci +hC
Still get some people sending "unsubscribe" messages to the list, though. Sigh.

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