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by jeroenes (Priest)
on Nov 13, 2000 at 16:58 UTC ( #41288=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm working at a big pharmaceutical company right now, doing something scientific-like. I still do a bit of perl coding so now and than, but not as much as before. That's why you won't see me hanging around here as much a I did before.

I was PhD student at the physiology department of Leiden University. (PhD finished now) Topic of research: the mammalian biological clock (of daily rhythms). Methods: electrophysiological measurements.

uses perl for: fun; data handling/ extraction/ analysis; bibliographical management; linux management

links perl with: apache, php3, postgres

likes (apart from perl): linux, mac's, guitars (both in music and in hardware ;-), science-fiction


SuperSplit code is the first craft I've posted. It's an extension of the normal split and join that uses/spits out multi-dimensional arrays.

CGIPackis the second. Allows one to pack information like numbers or strings into a string of URL-save characters.

Here you can find perlreftut.
I keep being amazed by the global vars. After some nice CB with tilly and arturo, that started off with Sinister I ran this test (and was convinced, finally):
package local; *-=*_; package notsolocal; while (<>){ $-=uc $_; tr/A-F/1-6/; print $-; }
package local; *a=*_; package notsolocal; while (<>){ $a=uc $_; tr/A-F/1-6/; print $a; }
Will only uc your input....

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