I always think I'm going to miss something super cool in the CB if I'm not here all the time. Well, for all of you who feel the same way and were not here for this one (and I know you're out there), I've got a good one for you.

update:well, you did miss it. deal with it. this has been removed at the request of a few monks who feel it was wrong to be here. I have requested that vroom subtract the +7 XP which I gained from this node and will not be posting any more nodes like this at all. It makes me sad, though. It was such an eloquent discussion of this matter which so many monks are faced with. Please do not contact me for the transcript as I think that these monks would be even more pissed I started giving out other copies like that.

Do you think posting a log of CB comments was wrong? Let me know. Thanks.

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