Hey. I don't know why, I always come up with pairs of ideas. The current idea pair that my neurons created on this gray-weather Sunday morning is:

1. Supporting regular expression searching in the PM search textfield: at the top of the page. I know, there have been already some suggestions about improving the search, for example by date/monk, etc. but I think that supporting regular expression can be useful in case one remembers only part of the title of a post and want to find it back a couple of days later. And what the heck, it's just cool because RegExp matching/searching is definitely one of the most powerful feature of Perl!

2. Implementing the "NO-VOTE" type of post: a monk could pick the "No-Vote" attribute when posting, in case there is no "voting content" in the node. I can't count how many times I have seen nodes that are used like the chatterbox for /msging somebody, posting in fact information that is not relevant for XPs. It would also solve the problem of Monks updating their node by posting a new message in the thread instead of editing the original post. In brief, I think that this feature would basically be "I think that I deserve points for that message" or "I think that this message is not worth any point".

Well, I am of course open to comments!