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I am writing a bunch of perl applications which I'm using PAR's pp to compile for people that don't have perl installed. (Aside: A simple,small and free web server that works great is tinyweb by ritlabs.) The issue I have is that I have a simple win32 batch file that calls pp multiple times. However, once a single pp command is executed, the script terminates. Any idea how to proceed? (In the example below, index.exe is created, but not index2.exe. If you type the commands at a cmd prompt, index2.exe is built sucessfully...)
Win32 batch file:
pp -o index.exe -M CGI -M DBI -M DBD::SQLite pp -o index2.exe -M CGI -M DBI -M DBD::SQLite
BTW, using windows XP service pack 2, activestate perl 5.8.4.

Update: Answered by fglock, thanks!

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