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Okay... It's time for another tale of "What's happening in Wombat's home." My house mate is an EXTREME Democrat. (This is the one I spoke of in my post RE: I watch the Olympics) She founded the "College Democrats" club at my college before graduating. She worked on the Gore campaign as well as all the Democratic campaigns in the local area (i.e Congressional house race, etc). She came back home on the seventh, to find me and my roommate watching Dexter's Lab on Cartoon Network.

"AMERICA IS FULL OF IDIOTS!" she exclaimed "THEY DESERVE TO HAVE AN IDIOT AS THEIR PRESIDENT!" She then stormed into her room. Naturally, the next day when it was discovered that Gore still had a chance she was all smiles, and happily told me that lawyers still had a purpose and they were being sent en masse to Florida. She seemed utterly surprised when I informed her I don't really care who got to be President, as the government would still function exactly the same way. (And I insinuated that I would lose more graciously than she did)

I'm a "Decline to State" voter. I tend to vote conservatively, but refuse to ally myself with the Republicans. I voted for Bush. To me picking a president is like picking the hood ornament on a giant combine. No matter what you choose the machine is still large, rather ugly and does it's job. If it turns towards you and runs over you, you're splattered in a million pieces, much like if the NSA, FBI, CIA, or any of the other three letter departments decide you've got too much freedom. No matter who the president is, I will do pretty much the same as always. Hiding from the eye of the government, do my own thing on the hacking (not cracking) front and try not to get caught giving away things like the De-CSS code. I wonder if I can show her that the govt is not really in the best interests of the people...