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Re^3: Student in trouble

by FoxtrotUniform (Prior)
on Nov 10, 2004 at 19:43 UTC ( #406772=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Student in trouble
in thread Student in trouble

I think it's important for CS students to learn to get help from the programming community. I've seen far too many programmers fresh out of college reinventing the wheel simply because they had no idea that places like this exist!

Concur. The problem is finding a balance between not helping the OP at all and helping the OP too much. From past experience, though, I think we're pretty good at finding that balance.

Edit: Perhaps a bit more diligence is required. :-(

Yours in pedantry,
F o x t r o t U n i f o r m

"Anything you put in comments is not tested and easily goes out of date." -- tye

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Re^4: Student in trouble
by tilly (Archbishop) on Nov 10, 2004 at 23:56 UTC
    Let me grab two recent homework discussions, Homework help and Need help on part of homework. It looks to me like people get fully working answers to homework questions pretty easily. I don't see that we're striking a very good balance there at all!
      Thank you all for for your responses and advice. I suspect my lecturer is a member of this site (he recommended it to the class). I just want to clear up a few misconceptions with tilly: 1. I am not asking anyone to do my work for me I just want someone to EVALUATE my code,help me spot bugs,better my understanding and maybe grade me on my code that's all. 2. I have a sincere interest in learning perl and mastering it for the long term. 3. This is not my first introduction to programming 4. I WILL PASS THIS COURSE ON MY OWN MERIT..................

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