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Re: Can I keep my OMI?

by FoxtrotUniform (Prior)
on Nov 07, 2004 at 04:21 UTC ( #405851=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Can I keep my OMI?

Users don't care what technology you use, or how great they are, they care whether the application you created helps them, and makes their job and life easier, but not to jam their business processes.

Well put.

Yet another good reason to keep one's users in the loop while developing a program. Had your key user been around to say "working with this interface is going to be a huge pain" when the GUI was first designed, it could have been fixed with minimal cost and minimal fuss.

<preachy>We need to keep in mind that many programs are written to be used, not to entertain us with challenging and intricate implementation puzzles.</preachy>

Yours in pedantry,
F o x t r o t U n i f o r m

"Anything you put in comments is not tested and easily goes out of date." -- tye

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Re^2: Can I keep my OMI?
by pg (Canon) on Nov 07, 2004 at 04:40 UTC
    "Yet another good reason to keep one's users in the loop while developing a program."

    Very true!

    That new application was something we bought couple of years ago, but with quite a few major enhancement added. By the way, that vendor bankrupted 2 years ago, which I think they deserved.

    We added couple of major enhancements through the years, and for the pieces we add, the design is better, as we always had users involved, and they saw the screens/screen flows on paper as early as design phase.

    The users are much more satisfied with the enhancements we made in house than what the original application delivers, but the original part still makes up 95 percent of today's application.

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