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User: New to programming, new to Perl, even newer to Perl Monks.
Scenario: I'm trying to do an exercise from a "Learn Perl in 30 seconds" book. OK, I'm totally over-engineering the excercise, but I'm too curious about the solution to give up.
Problem: I have a file with several lines of data. Each line is made up of words separated by spaces (much like a paragraph in a book.) The number of words per line and size of each word is random. There won't be any punctuation, just words separated by spaces.

three blind mice
three blind mice
see how they run

I want to read in a line, put each word into an array, then perform my horrible machinations on the words. I've figured out:

open FILE, "bingo_in.txt"; while (<FILE>) { chomp; foreach (@word = <FILE>) {

but I can't figure out how to break the words of the sentence (line) into an array. I've tried shift, etc. but it always treats the sentence (line) as one big chunk of data.

Thanks for any help with the problem and any tips on how to format my questions (I actually have a couple more.)