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Your first mistake is shopping at Fry's at all. Living in Silly Valley, I'm sure you've already been regaled with epic tales of Fry's committment to customer service, from the bait-and-switch ads to the search at the door on the way out. Fry's only real feature is that they have everything. You can buy a refrigerator, a video card, and a DVD all in one place. The down side is that you can get any of these things cheaper someplace else and not have to deal with Fry's employees. Rule of thumb: 10% of Fry's merchandise is broken.

If you need hardware, try Surplus Computer in San Jose or Action Computer in Sunnyvale or Palo Alto. Both places carry the same selection of cables and cases as Fry's for about half the price, and the staff actually know what they're doing.

For books, try Book Buyers on Castro Street in Mountain View. Way in the back they have a nice selection of used Computer Books. I've found copies of the Camel Book for as low as $15. In bygone days I would have directed you to Computer Literacy, but post-bubble, CL is no more.

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Re: Say it loud, say it proud: Fry's sucks
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 16, 2009 at 07:12 UTC
    I cannot agree MORE! I had boycotted Frys, after having to return FIVE -- count 'em FIVE -- modems! There's no reason in the world, a store can have this may damaged or dysfunctional items, unless they're deliberately trying to screw their customers -- into just plain giving up, and 'eating it' -- Moreover their Customer service -- is a true misnomer! They treat you like YOU'RE a criminal -- as if THEY'RE on the losing end of the transaction! They SUCK -- They SUCK -- They SUCK! People BEWARE!!
Re: Say it loud, say it proud: Fry's sucks
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 30, 2010 at 01:54 UTC
    those bastards ruined my computer. I told them the exact specks and slot I needed for ram and they sold me the wrong one! I was very specific that I needed ram for the second slot. It fried my system and they refuse to take any responsibility. The manager was also a lying ass. Do you know why they call it Fry's? Because that's what happens to your system when you install thier product.