I'd like to suggest an update to all nodelets that contain lists. The PMDev and SiteDocClan nodelets have all their links bunched up whereas other nodlets (like Find Nodes) have one link per line. I'd like to make that adjustable on a user's style sheet.

Here's how:

All nodelets with lists become lists:

<div id=nodelet-list> <ul> <li>Nodes you wrote</li> <li>Super Search</li> ... </ul> </div>
Now anyone with a default style sheet will see:
  • Nodes you wrote
  • Super Search
And, with just a little tweak to one's stylesheet like so:
#nodelet-list li { display: inline; border-left: 1px solid black; padding-left: 8px; padding-right: 8px; }
Our list looks like:
| Nodes you wrote | Super Search | ...
(Faked because I'm not allowed to put a style tag here)

What do people think? I've volunteering for this one too if it's something people want. It could also be possible to have different nodelets with different styles... although I'd have to play.

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