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Re: LinuxQuestions
So you're blaming your bad behavior on everyone else? Sorry I don't buy that; no one forced you to start throwing insults.

They aren't getting as much flack as you because they are far better behaved than you. Their insults are few and far between, whereas your insults are pervasive and continuous. Not only that, but you also insult the entire community when one member of the community insults you.

Re: Petruchio
You didn't get reaped for defending yourself, you got reaped because you started insulting people. If you consider what he said as an insult, you've got some serious comprehension issues you should be dealing with.

Re Downvoting:
Again, you have some serious comprehension issues if you're equating down voting to insulting. Down voting someone does not equate to calling them an asshole. If you're considering that justification for your actions, its just going to get worse from here on in; the more you insult people, the more down votes you're going to get.

Re Tim Vroom:
He doesn't say anything because it is a community run site. He isn't your nanny, and its not his responsibility to hold your hand.

Now, lets take a closer look at your logic here. From your Petruchio response, you feel justified in insulting people when the say things to you. From your Tim Vroom response, you feel justified in insulting people when the don't say things to you. QED you feel justified insulting people all the time. Does that give you any insight on why people are down voting you?
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