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Re^2: Blues

by knovicki (Initiate)
on Sep 28, 2004 at 15:02 UTC ( #394620=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Blues
in thread Blues

Hi Rhose,
I ran your script and got the following output:
$VAR1 = undef;
I am starting to think it is a problem with either the Perl or installation. I am going to have the Unix Admin reinstall the software again. Thanks for your input.
Ken Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you that my problem was finally resolved. Here is the reply from my Sys Admin "We found the issue, with the ftp perl protocal issue, there was an entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf in that we change the nsswitch.conf to use file entry first." Hope that makes sense. I wanted to provide closure to this just incase someone else ran into the same problem. Once again, thanks for all of your help. Ken

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