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Re^4: Abigail-II and some thoughts

by Wassercrats
on Sep 28, 2004 at 10:29 UTC ( #394526=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Abigail-II and some thoughts
in thread Abigail-II and some thoughts

There are many things in the world that deserve harsher treatment than undiplomatic words. You'd gladly trade my words for the treatment you and the majority of monks deserve. There are huge problems with Perlmonks, aside from the security and usability problems, mainly with the monks themselves. That should be glaringly obvious, even to you.

My asking for people's reasoning to back up their insults no longer matters. I have nothing left to prove. You people are hopeless.

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Wassercrats: Why are you still here?
by logan (Curate) on Sep 28, 2004 at 23:59 UTC
    OK Wassercrats, I give. I've followed the debate, read your posts, and the various responses, and I simply can't figure it out. Why are you still here?

    As far as I can figure out, you posted a script and asked for feedback. The feedback you received was not to your liking, and you removed the code stating that you "no longer want to contribute to this community." That was 5 months ago.

    Since that time, the vast majority of your many posts have been complaints about the Monastary and its members, claiming various monks treat you badly and the Monastary is run badly. Periodically, you announce that you're leaving.

    Fine. Let's assume that you are completely in the right, that your code is perfect, that your particular style is the one true way to code or one of many valid ways to code (whichever), that you have been abused and martyred without cause, that everyone here is out to get you, and that you are the injured party in all cases.

    Assuming all that is true, why are you still here? Why do you devote so much of your time and energy to a community you despise? There's no joke here, no cheap shot, no criticism, no sarcasm, no disingenuousness, and I'm doing my best to treat you with courtesy and respect. I really want to know.

    Why are you still here?

    "What do I want? I'm an American. I want more."

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