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"their attitudes could easily deter people from persuing perlmonks, perl, programming, or some combination of the three.

Hm... perlmonks, might be; perl and programming, absolutely not. This is just one of many web sites you can ask questions, and most of the people don't take this site as home, but rather a bar where they can go for a talk, asking questions, providing answers if they can.

Just because being treated rudely by someone on some web site, one will stop programming? That is too dramatic. The power of rudeness is being over-estimated, and yet the nerve of a normal human being has been under-estimated.

I actually even doute the perl monk part. If someone being rude at you, you will never visit their home again, but this is really not anyone's home, vitually nobody owns it, yet it is owned by everyone. Put it in this way, will you move out from your own home, just because someone came and said something rude to you? very unlikely! The same thing here, as this is your home, not someone else's.